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Mahila Adhikar Abhiyan Trust

Women's safety: Know your rights, Demand your rights

The right of women is the right of every woman or girl to be recognized in worldwide societies. Mahila Adhikar Abhiyan Trust is a platform for women to raise their voice for justice. This platform has led to many struggles and movements for self-respect and prestige.

The purpose of Mahila Adhikar Abhiyan Trust is that all forms of violence against women, whether it is physical or mental, at the domestic level or at the social level, including violence arising out of customs, traditions or popular human beings, will be effectively dealt with so that such incidents do not occur.

Institutions and mechanisms providing support for the prevention of such practices of violence and dowry, including sexual harassment at the workplace, for the rehabilitation of women victims of violence and for taking effective action against the perpetrators of such violence. Monks will be built and they will be strengthened. Special emphasis will also be laid on programs and measures to combat illegal trade of women and girls.

Mission and purpose

  1. Advocating and working for women's issues and concerns, especially for marginalized and disadvantaged communities.
  2. To focus on women's rights issues to conduct fact-finding, legal research and policy analysis.
  3. To act as a legal aid organization and resource center for other women's groups, collectives, organizations, institutions and individuals with a feminist approach.
  4. Creating, publishing and distributing content related to women's rights, issues and concerns.
  5. To provide legal and other necessary support to women, especially with abused women, to initiate legal action and to intervene in legal issues against women and the right to violence.
  6. Connecting and maintaining networks with other organizations and women's groups at regional, national and international levels on issues related to women.
  7. Improving education conditions, health, employment-oriented and skills; reducing the impact of domestic and sexual violence; Capacity and creation of local CSOs in identified districts to complement government schemes so that the rights of disadvantaged populations are protected.

Core area of work

  1. Health and Nutrition
  2. Cleanliness and Hygiene
  3. Domestic and sexual violence
  4. Employment
  5. Environment protection
  6. Women's choice in sexual relations and the right to make decisions
  7. "Respect" related murder / suicide
  1. Rape and other forms of sexual violence (child sexual abuse)
  2. Sexual harassment at the workplace
  3. acid attack
  4. domestic violence
  5. Forced marriage (child marriage)
  6. Women's right to mobility
  7. Trafficking of women

Membership standard

  1. Institution Trust - Women Head
  2. Self help groups / community based organizations /
Subscription fee:

  1. Annual membership fee: Rs 1000 /
  2. Lifetime membership fee / - Rs 5000/

Facilities for Members:

  1. Monthly issues and funding information
  2. To create awareness and building capacity on human rights and work on their protection
  3. To prepare plan for the multidimensional progress of the organization and to execute simultaneously.

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