“We consider joint responsibility in integral human development a value essential to achieving the unmet needs, health, education, rights and livelihoods for gender equality and also the defense of human dignity.”


“Improve the living conditions of impoverished underprivileged communities providing them betterment services of health, education, and empowerment and livelihood opportunities for the community. Encouraging environment protection and plantation and sensitize common people for environment and also make them aware for bringing sustainable changes in their lives”


“Our vision is to be a strategic leadership organization influencing social transformation through developmental programmers. It acts locally with communities to promote sustainable social change by improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations, especially children, women, youth and ageing people and by acting upon the causes of poverty and inequality


“Major concerned with the empowerment of women included activities on a political or economic level promoting the use of appropriate technology and assisting research and development into new technology.”

Our Program